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Looking for new recruits!

If you're a parent/carer, teacher or careers advisor responsible for school/college students, have you told them about landscaping?


Information for Parents and Educators

The landscape industry needs new recruits! If you’re a parent/carer, teacher or careers advisor responsible for school/college age young people, have you told them about landscaping? An extremely varied sector, landscaping offers something for almost everyone:

  • Practical constructors: Landscapers build sheds, fences, bridges and move the land to create new and exciting spaces
  • Sports mad outdoor types: Grounds maintenance staff are responsible for looking after sports pitches - from football to rugby and golf
  • Green fingered plant enthusiasts: Landscapers of all levels gain a knowledge of plants, with opportunities to plan planting schemes and design gardens
  • Eco-warriors: Landscapers help create and conserve outside spaces, for wildlife, plants and to prevent erosion
  • Creative designers: Landscape Designers and Landscape Architects work alongside Building Architects to create exciting and functional outside spaces

If you know a young person that fits any of these bills, then landscaping could be just the career for them. Here’s how they can get involved:

Work experience

Most landscapers get into the profession through working. Contact local landscaping companies in your area to see if they’re interested in offering work experience placements. You never know, work experience could lead straight into a job for the right candidate.

To find a list of BALI Registered landscaping businesses in your area, click here.

Landscape Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are available for candidates aged 16+ and there is no upper age limit. Learning takes place ‘on the job’, with around one day a week spent in college. Apprentices must be paid at least the minimum wage.

Depending on the level, apprenticeships take between one and four years. Higher level apprenticeships (Level 3 and 4) are equivalent to A levels and/or some degrees and can lead to professional and managerial roles.

For more information about Landscape Apprenticeships, click here.

Landscaping Diplomas

Landscaping Diplomas are open to people of any age, with options from 14 years old and upwards. Designed to provide vocational training across all areas of landscape gardening, from design to grounds maintenance, pre-requisites, such as qualifications and experience, will depend on the level (Diplomas go from Level 1 to Level 8, the highest level being equivalent to a degree).

For more information about Landscaping Diplomas, click here.

Landscape Design/Architecture Degrees

Landscape Architecture/Design provides exciting opportunities for young people suited to degree-based study. Landscape Architecture is a chartered career and requires a qualification accredited by The Landscape Institute (LI).

Students will need at least three A levels in related subjects, with each university having its own entry requirements. Landscape Design and Architecture degrees can be full or part time and usually take around three years.

For more information about Landscape Design/Architecture Degrees, click here