Find the right employee for your business

The best way to learn is to get stuck in, but having some kind of structured training programme will ensure your new recruit gains the right skills for your business.


Information for Employers

If you run a landscape business, taking on a school or college leaver and training them up from scratch is a good way of creating the perfect employee for your business.

For businesses looking for higher level landscapers (Landscape Designers and Architects), contact Universities and Colleges running related courses.

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Recruitment tips

Attitude is everything! Your new recruit will need practical skills, a willingness to learn and an understanding of what they’re getting into. Make the fact they’ll be working outside in the mud very clear!

Offering work experience placements is a good way to find potential employees. Most schools include this as part of the curriculum for 15 and 16 year olds, so introduce yourself to educational establishments in your area. That goes for colleges too – keen, aspiring landscapers should be up for work experience in the holidays and at weekends.

Training on the job

The best way to learn is to get stuck in, but having some kind of structured training programme will ensure your new recruit gains the right skills for your business. It will also help you retain career driven staff who want to progress.

Before you recruit someone, it’s worth taking time to roughly plan out what this training programme may be, what you expect them to be able to do after a certain amount of time and skills gaps your business needs filling.

Make sure they complete essential qualifications and certificates needed for safety and your insurance – such as sprayer and digger licences.

If you’re a member of BALI, they provide support services relating to insurance, HR and your general responsibilities as an employer.

Read more about BALI’s support services, here

Landscaping apprenticeships

Landscaping apprenticeships are another good way to recruit potential stars of the future or train-up existing staff.

Learning takes place ‘on the job’, with around one day a week spent in college. Apprenticeships are available for candidates aged 16+ and there is no upper age limit. To find your perfect apprentice, you will work with the National Apprenticeship Service and the training provider to vet potential candidates based on their qualifications, experience and attitude.

Apprentices must be paid at least the minimum wage, but there is full or part funding available for some businesses, depending on the age of apprentice and the size of your businesses.

Depending on the level, apprenticeships take between one and four years. Higher level apprenticeships (Level 3 and 4) are equivalent to A levels and/or some degrees and can lead to professional and managerial roles.

Applying for an apprenticeship

If you are interested in taking on a landscaping apprentice you must first register your interest with the National Apprenticeship Service. Click here to register

You then need to find a training organisation that offers landscape apprentices – they’ll handle your apprentice’s training, qualification and assessment.

You can search for suitable training providers, here

Grant eligibility can be checked here

Read more about Landscaping Apprenticeships, here